Friday, August 18, 2006 The Windows Portal (Updated)

In November of last year Microsoft released their site, with a few basic services. Since then they really expanded their offering with several new web applications and services (for example: domain name and web site hosting). The site also offers really nice downloadable applications as well (see the list below).

I really like the consistent interface across most of the applications, and how some of them are integrated together. I hope to continue to see more of this in the future as they release new services.

If you're curious about the difference between and From my understanding, will host all the web applications and services, and MSN will continue to be the content, news and information provider.

Below is a brief summary of all the applications and services:
Downloadable Applications

The software listed below are applications that you download and install on your local computer.
  • Windows Live Writer: This program was just released today, its WYSIWYG blog authoring tool that allows you to compose blog entries for Windows Live Spaces, Blogger, LiveJournal, TypePad, WordPress (and many others).
  • Windows Live Messenger: Microsoft's next generation instant messaging client. Now includes VoIP and video conferencing.
  • Windows Live Toolbar: Search the web, protect yourself against fraud, find files on your local computer.
  • Windows Live OneCare: Microsoft's new anti-malware (virus, spyware, and more.), firewall, tune-up, and more.

Coming Soon to

Below is a list of applications that Microsoft is getting ready to release.
For the latest information, on new or updated applications and services check out the Windows Live Ideas page. This is where they post all the latest updates to the site.

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