Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Converting Your Hard Drive to NTFS

If your computer's hard drive is still formatted with the older FAT16 or FAT32 file system, you should consider upgrading it to NTFS. NTFS has several advantages over the older file systems, for example:
  • More resistant to file corruption caused by a system failure.
  • Support for file/directory security.
  • Support for larger hard drives partitions.
  • Support for files sizes greater then 2GB.
  • and more.
To convert your hard drive's file system to NTFS:
  • Open an MS-DOS window (from the Run... command, type "CMD" and press the Enter key).
  • Type "convert /fs:ntfs c:" (change 'c:' to any drive letter you want to convert) and press the Enter key.
Notes: This process will take several minutes to complete, depending on the size of your hard drive. This process can not be interrupted once it is started, doing so could corrupt your data. You can not revert the hard drive back to it's original file system once the process is completed.

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