Tuesday, March 08, 2005

The Truth of RAM Optimizers

There are a lot of programs on the Internet are being sold or given away as RAM Optimizers. These programs promise to increase the speed and stability of your system. Although, the truth of the matter is something different.

RAM Optimizers will degrade system performance rather then improving it. They might appear to be working by making more memory appear as it is available, but this illusion comes at a cost. RAM Optimizers work by increasing the available-memory counter, while forcing other data and processes out of memory.

Normally a program will try to keep its code and data in memory for speed reasons. Although when you run a RAM Optimizer, it will try to force the programs and its data into virtual memory, in order to free up your physical RAM. This will in turn slow down your computer, because programs will have to read data back into RAM from your hard drive in order for the CPU to access them. Remember, your hard drive is much slower then your computer's RAM.

Ways to speed up your computer:
- Disable any start-up programs or services that you're not using.
- Install more RAM in your computer.

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