Friday, April 15, 2005

Add a Folder to the 'Send To' menu

If you store files in a specific folder a lot, you can add this location to your 'Send To' menu in the Windows Explorer. This would enable you to send your files to that location quickly and easily. These folders can be anywhere on your hard drive or network as long as your computer has connectivity and permissions to store the file there.

To add a specific folder to the 'Send To' menu, follow these steps:
  • Launch the Windows Explorer, and navigate to the folder you want to add to the 'Send To' menu.
  • Right-click the folder, select 'Send To > Desktop (create shortcut)'.
  • From the start menu, select Run... then type "%userprofile%\SendTo".
  • Minimize all your windows to expose your desktop (press WinKey+D).
  • Open Explorer windows that show the content of the SentTo folder that was minimized then drag-and-drop the shortcut you create on the desktop into this window.
  • Close the window.
Now you can right-click any folder or file, and move that item to the folder by selecting it from the 'Send To' menu.

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