Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Extra Windows XP Support and Troubleshooting Utilities

There are some additional support and troubleshooting utilities available on the Windows XP installation CD in the \Support\Tools directory.
  • Put your 'Windows XP installation CD' into your CD or DVD drive.
  • From the Start menu, open 'My Computer'.
  • Find the CD or DVD drive in the Windows Explorer.
  • Open the \Support\Tools directory.
  • Run the SETUP.EXE to install programs.
Here is a short list of the ones available:
  • DIRUSE: Shows disk usage.
  • DUPFINDER: Finds duplicate files.
  • GETMAC: Displays the network card MAC address.
  • HOSTNAME: Shows the computer host name.
  • NETDIAG: Diagnoses a network components
  • PVIEWER: Displays processes running on your computer.
  • WINDIFF: Compares files and directories.
Note: some of these tools are very rudimentary, so don't expect a polished interface.

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