Thursday, June 07, 2007

Windows XP: Reseting The IP Protocol Stack

Sometimes the Windows XP TCP/IP protocol stack gets corrupted an you need to reset it back to its original configuration. Back in the old days you use to be able to uninstall and reinstall it. That option is not available anymore.

Now you have to use the NetShell utility to reset the protocol stack. By following the instructions in the Knowledge Base Article you will return the TCP/IP protocol stack back to it's default configuration when it was first installed.

Microsoft even includes their 'Guided Help' feature to help you along the process.


ananaki said...

what IS the ip protocol stack and why should it be set back to default state? i have no idea what it does or doesn't do.

UberGeek316 said...

The TCP/IP protocol stack is software that your computer uses to talk to other computers on your local network or across the Internet. It is possible for the TCP/IP protocol stack to get damaged or corrupted so this article discusses how you can revert it back to its original state when it was first installed.