Friday, June 22, 2007

Article: Buy Samsung's Hybrid Hard Drive Next Week; Preorders Taken Now

PC Magazine reports: "Samsung's first hybrid hard drives will be available for end-user purchase in a week's time, although only a limited subset of customers with the latest hardware may be able to take advantage of them. ... The new drive contains 256 Mbytes of flash memory, which is used as a "write cache" as part of Microsoft's "ReadyDrive" initiative. The drives store data to be written on the flash cache, writing it all in one fell swoop when the cache is full. Writing the data all at once allows the laptop's drive to only spin up when it needs to, instead of operating at full speed to write a few bits of data here and there."

Anyone waiting for the new 'ReadyDrive' hybrid hard drives your wait is almost over. The technology promises greater speed and improved battery life. Now we have to wait and see if it can deliver on both of these promises.

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