Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Windows Vista: Create a Custom Toolbar

Did you know that you can create a custom toolbar from a folder that contains files in Windows Vista? If you have a folder of related documents, application shortcuts, Internet links, etc. Then you can turn it into a toolbar very easily.
  • Right-click an empty area on your computer's desktop, then select New>Folder.
  • Name the folder whatever you want to call the toolbar (i.e. 'Audio Tools').
  • Place application shortcuts, Internet links, etc. that you want in the toolbar in the new folder you just created.
  • Drag the folder to one of the monitor's 'hard' edges (i.e. an edge where you can't move from one monitor to another if you have multiple monitors) where there isn't a toolbar already. This will create the new toolbar there with the contents of the folder.
  • You can right-click an empty area on the toolbar to configure it.
  • if you have multiple monitors you can't place the toolbar on the 'soft' edge between the monitors.

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Leon Victor said...

Windows vista provides lots of customization options to basically personalize your Windows taskbar. Another way to quickly access your favorites programs, folders as well as net shortcuts is by making a custom toolbar in your Windows taskbar.