Monday, October 15, 2007

Software: JConvert (Unit Converter)

JConvert is a free open-source program written in Java that converts various units of measurements from one type to another. This program doesn't require that you install it to get it to work. All you have to do is download and execute it. To uninstall it, just delete the file.


Anonymous said...

I have tried this out and it works quite well. I like the fact that I can add new conversions to it. It is simple and if I add one conversion, it will figure out different permutations for me so I do not have to put many in. It also remembers where I last put it on the screen, tab I was using, etc. so when I launch it again I do not have to move it. This is a nice unit conversion software that is truely free.
Jconvert Link

John Ashton said...

I went to the website today and found a newer version that allows you to convert Currency as well as convert values using fractions. This is pretty handy. Here was the link to the jconvert website