Thursday, July 28, 2005

Customizing the Explorer Folder View

When using the Windows Explorer, you will notice that you can view your files several different ways (such as, by: thumbnails, icons, and details). The Details view is the most customizable view, all the columns in this view, can be added/removed, resized, or rearranged.

To customize the different parts of the Detailed view:
  • Resizing the columns: place the mouse on the vertical line that is displayed between the columns. Click and hold the left mouse button down while you drag the mouse back and fourth to adjust the column size.
  • Add new columns: display more information about your files. Right-click on the column heading and select or unselect the different column headers. Each header will display different types of information (such as: file size, creation date, modification date, etc.).
  • Moving columns: if you don't like the order that the columns are being displayed, you can change it by left-clicking on the column and holding down the mouse button. Drag the column to a new position, then just let the button go when you're done.

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