Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Make Your Favorites Web Site Available Offline

If you have a web site that you like to visit, but you're not always online where you can read it when you want (such as being on an airplane). There is still away to access these sites, and read them while you're not connect to the Internet.

This feature is called 'offline browsing', and it allows you to store cached versions of the web pages on your local computer so that you can view the site when you want.

To enable this feature:
  • Navigate to the Web page that you want to make available for offline browsing.
  • From the Favorites menu, select 'Add to Favorites...'.
  • Select the folder where you want to store the shortcut to the web site, but before you press the OK button check the 'Make available offline' checkbox.
To further customize your offline browsing options:
  • Press the Customize button, then press the 'Next>' button
  • If the Web page contains links, you can make the links available offline by selecting the Yes radio button. From here You can also specify how deep I.E. should go when making copies of these linked Web pages available offline. It is not advisable to set this number too high, because the cached web pages will quickly consume a lot of disk space. Press the 'Next>' button to continue.
  • From here you can specify how you want to synchronize the offline Web pages (i.e.: manually or according to a schedule). Leave the default option selected and press the 'Next>' button.
  • On this page you can specify a username and password if a site requires it.
  • Press the Finish button, then press the OK button in the 'Add Favorite' dialog box.

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Anonymous said...

This doesn't work. There is no field for "make available offline". I am using IE8 so perhaps this is only available on another version.