Thursday, September 14, 2006

Article: Yahoo Messenger offers free group conference calls

Yahoo! News reports: "Yahoo Inc. is offering free group conference calling services from Vapps Inc. to the roughly 80 million users of Yahoo's instant-message and Web telephone-calling service, ... The service, called ConFreeCall, will be available for download through Yahoo Messenger with Voice service, allowing friends or families to hold free conference calls to complement Yahoo's existing text, voice and photo-sharing services."

After reading this article, you will be left asking yourself some questions (well at least I did)?
  • Does the service require Yahoo! Messenger with Voice service?
    • Yes, only if you want to take advantage of the plug-in. Otherwise this service is also directly available from Vapps at, and doesn't require the plug-in .
  • Does everyone in the conference need a computer to use this service, or can you use a regular phone participate?
    • No, but they will be required to call a non-800 phone number, so toll charges can apply. Although if you already have a VoIP service like Vonage (or whoever else you may use) with unlimited calling in the US, or a cell phone that doesn't charge for long distance calls and you have the available airtime then your in good shape.

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