Friday, September 01, 2006

Windows XP: Removing Fonts

Overtime as you install new programs on your computer new fonts can be installed without your knowledge. As more fonts are added, finding the right font for your documents will get harder and harder. Another result of having too many fonts installed in Windows is that it can increase the boot time of the OS.

Warning: Be careful which fonts you delete, some of these fonts are required by the OS or certain applications. By deleting certain fonts it might cause some problems, so use care.

To remove fonts from Windows, just follow the instructions below:
  • Under the Start menu, Open Control Panel folder.
  • Open the Fonts folder.
  • Select the font(s) you want to remove, from the Edit menu select Copy.
  • Create a new folder on the desktop.
  • Open new the folder and right-click an empty area in the window and select Paste. This will make a backup copy of the fonts that you're going to delete.
  • Return to the Fonts folder, right-click the selected fonts and then click Delete.
If you experience a problem with your OS or application, you will need to reinstall the fonts from the backup folder that you created on your desktop. See the following article on how to reinstall the fonts back into your OS.

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