Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Article: Firefox 2.0 Scheduled For Release on Tuesday

PC Magazine reports: "The Mozilla Foundation will release the Firefox 2.0 browser on Tuesday, Mozilla Foundation officials confirmed Monday. ... The new release promises several new features, as well as a solution to a annoying memory leak that has troubled earlier versions, according to Mozilla."

I have been playing with the release candidate of this browser for a few weeks now. It has some nice new features, but their not revolutionary.

I have one major complaint about this version of Firefox, several of my favorite extensions stopped working. So be prepared to be disappointed here.

Personally, I believe that the ideas for most of the new features in the browser were borrowed from the more popular extensions. Below is a list of some of the new features:
  • Phishing filter warns you when you're visiting a fake web site.
  • A new search feature that displays suggestions as you type your search request.
  • A session manager that restores the windows and tabs you had opened before a crash.
  • A spelling checker that spell checks your input into web forms.
  • Better RSS support.
To download the new Firefox 2.0 browser go here.

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