Thursday, October 12, 2006

Windows XP: Disabling Services and Devices Based on Hardware Profile

Did you know that services and devices can be enabled or disabled as part of a Hardware Profile? A hardware profile allows you to enable or disable certain features under certain conditions, such as when you dock or undock your notebook computer..

To disable services based on a hardware profiles:
  • From the 'Administrative Tools' folder, double-click on Services.
  • Double-click the service you want to modify
  • Click the Log On tab in the properties dialog
  • Click disable for the selected Hardware Profile.
To disable devices based on a hardware profile:
  • Open the 'Device Manager'
  • Double-click the device you want to modify.
  • In the General tab under the 'Device Usage' label select 'Do not use this device (disable)' option
  • Press the OK button.

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