Friday, January 14, 2005

Changing the Default Action With Removable Media

For: Windows XP Professional and Home Edition

Whenever you insert some type of removable media (such as: CD/DVD disk, flash card, etc.) into your computer, Windows will pop-up a dialog questioning you on what you want to do with it (such as: play the audio, play the movie, display the pictures, etc.). You can also specify for Windows to never AutoPlay any type of content for this device.

If for some reason the AutoPlay dialog box stops appearing, or you want specify AutoPlay default actions for different types of content. Follow the instructions below:

- Inserting the media into its reader
- Open the Widows Explorer
- Expand 'My Computer', then right-click on the drive letter that represents your removable media, and select Properties
- Click on the Autoplay tab.
- In the dropdown menu, choose the type of content that the removable can contain, and click the "Select an action to perform" radio button.
- Select the default action for this media type.
- Repeat the last two steps for the different types of content, and the action for that content.
- Press the OK button when done.

Note: If the system doesn't remember your settings you may have repeat this task a few times to get it too work.

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