Monday, January 17, 2005

Using the "Show Updates" Option (Windows XP SP2')

For: Windows XP Professional and Home Edition

Before Windows XP SP2, in the Add or Remove Programs control panel the Microsoft updates that were applied to your system would show in here. This is great if want to see what patches were applied to your system. Although it was annoying if you had to scroll through the list trying to find the program that you wanted to remove, and accidentally removed a system patch or service pack.

In SP2 a new feature prevent the system updates from being displayed in the list by default. So if you want to see the system date you have enable this feature.

- Open the Control Panel folder
- Open the Add or Remove Programs control panel
- At the top of the Add or Remove Programs window, check the "Show updates" checkbox.

You're now able to scroll down and see the system updates intermixed with the other programs.

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