Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Microsoft PowerToys for Windows XP

Microsoft offers several PowerToys for Windows XP as a free set add-on to enhance the operating system. Some of these are add-ons are more useful then others, for example Tweak UI allows you to modify certain aspects of the OS. Other add-ons Alt-Tab Replacement, are a little less useful in my opinion.

Note: These tools are unsupported by Microsoft, so if you have any problems you're on your own.
  • ClearType Tuner (New): Allows you to tune the ClearType technology to make it easier to read text on your screen.
  • HTML Slide Show Wizard (Updated): Creates an HTML slide show of your digital pictures, ready for your Web site.
  • Open Command Window Here: Provides a quick way to open a command window.
  • Alt-Tab Replacement: Displays the icon of the application window you are switching to, you will also see a preview of the page. This helps particularly when multiple sessions of an application are open.
  • Tweak UI: Grants you access to system settings that are not available in the Windows XP default user interface.
  • Power Calculator: Graphing calculate that can evaluate functions, perform different types of conversions.
  • Image Resizer: Allows you to resize one or many image files with a right-click.
  • CD Slide Show Generator: View images burned to a CD as a slide show.
  • Virtual Desktop Manager: Manage up to four desktops from the Windows taskbar.
  • Taskbar Magnifier: Magnify part of the screen from the taskbar.
  • Webcam Timershot: Allows you take pictures at specified time intervals from a Webcam connected to your computer and save them to a location that you designate.

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