Saturday, January 01, 2005

Welcome to Windows Tip of the Day

Thank you for visiting my Windows Tip of the Day. This is where I going to post a daily (Monday-Friday) Windows tip, I might later add Saturday and Sunday. These tips are going to be for Microsoft current Operating System (OS) Windows XP, but some them will also work on Windows platforms (like: Windows 95, 98, 98SE, ME, NT Workstation, NT Server, 2000 Professional, 2000 Server, 2003 Server).

The tips that I am planning on posting will range from very basic to more complicated. Most of them will be directed to solve a problem, and showing off a feature of the Windows OS.

If you would like ask a question that I can address in this blog, I will later post an email address that you reached me at.

I hope you enjoy the site and find the content worthwhile.
Jason Savitt

p.s. For those interested in technologies other then just Windows, I also have my other blog called 'In My Humble Opinion'. This is where I publish different articles, stories and links about the latest technology news happening today.

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