Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Internet Explorer 7: Keyboard Shortcuts

Do you like using keyboard shortcuts? Here is a list of shortcuts for Internet Explorer 7:
  • ALT+LEFT: Go backward a page
  • ALT+RIGHT: Go forward a page
  • ALT+HOME: Got to the home page
  • F5: Refresh the current page
    • CTRL+F5: Forces the page to reload
  • CTRL+B: Organize Favorites
  • CTRL+D: Adds the current page to the Favorites
  • CTRL+E: Takes you to the quick search field.
    • CTRL+Down Arrow: Shows the search providers.
  • CTRL+F: Find a word or phrase on the page
  • CTRL+N: Opens the current Web page in a new window
  • CTRL+O: Open a dialog to open a web page.
  • CTRL+P: Print the current page
  • CTRL+T: Opens a new tab.
  • CTRL+Q: Displays Quick Tabs
  • CTRL+W: Close the current window or tab.
  • F4: Displays a list of addresses you typed in the URL field.
  • F11: Full screen mode
  • CTRL+Shift+I: Opens the Favorites toolbar
    • CTRL+I: Temporarily opens the Favorites toolbar
  • CTRL+Shift+H: Opens the History toolbar
    • CTRL+H: Temporarily opens the History toolbar
  • CTRL+Shift+J: Opens the Feeds toolbar
    • CTRL+J: Temporarily opens the Feeds toolbar