Monday, March 05, 2007

Software: UDPixel (Fix Dead Pixels)

Do you have dead pixels on your LCD monitor, well they may really only be stuck. Download and run UDPixel to un-stick them.

This program has two main components. The first component that helps you to reveal the bad pixels by changing the color of the screen. The second components tries to fix the pixels by energizing them over and over again. (Hint: drag the flashing squares under the dead pixels)

Does this program really fix dead pixel? I can't say for sure. All my monitors are new, so I couldn't find any dead pixels to fix. Although, I did find lots of dust. You might notice what I am talking about after you run the program.

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Anonymous said...

i has been installed UDPixel, but could you explain step by step, how to use this program, i really don't understand about to use every tools, 'cause no help on this program. thank you.