Friday, March 30, 2007

CNET tax guide 2007

It use to be that the only way you could submit your taxes was via paper forms that a tax preparer or yourself filed. As you know that has changed, in fact last year 73 million Americans filed their taxes online with the IRS.

Today you can still do your taxes yourself, or you can hire someone to do it for you. Although the main difference is the software that you have access to, and your ability to file it online.

So if you're looking for some advice for doing your taxes, check out CNet's '2007 Tax Guide'. Learn about the different features of the popular financial and tax software that is available today. reports: "We've reviewed desktop and online applications that walk you through calculating and submitting a return without having to crunch numbers on confusing IRS forms. Each service helps with the latest credits for long-distance telephone tax, buying a hybrid car, and making a home more energy-efficient. Keep in mind that if you gross less than $52,000 or serve in the military, you can file electronically for free. The IRS has extended the deadline for submitting 2006 returns to April 17, but if that's too soon, tax applications also help you file for an extension."

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