Monday, August 29, 2005

Windows Logo Key Shortcuts

Does your keyboard have the Windows logo key (I like to call it the WinKey) on it? Did you know that you can use this key to perform specific actions quickly? For example, you can use it to display the Run... dialog, locking the screen, and more.

Below is a complete list of all the WinKey keyboard shortcuts that I am aware of:

WinKey (by itself): Opens the Start Menu.
WinKey+F1: Displays the Windows Help and Support Center.
WinKey+Pause/Break: Displays the Systems Properties control panel.
WinKey+Tab: Cycles through the application in the Taskbar. If you hold down the Shift+WinKey+Tab will reverse direction of the cycle.
WinKey+D: Minimizes all open windows and shows the Desktop. If you press the key again it will restore the windows to their previous positions.
WinKey+E: Opens a Explorer Window.
WinKey+F: Displays the file search window.
WinKey+L: Locks your computer (similar to Ctrl-Alt-Del in previous version of Window).
WinKey+M: Minimizes all open windows and shows the Desktop. The Shift+WinKey+M restores the windows to their previous positions before they were minimized.
WinKey+R: Displays the Run... command dialog.

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