Thursday, August 18, 2005

Keyboard Shortcuts for Internet Explorer

If you use the Internet Explorer as your primary browser, here are some keyboard shortcuts that will hopefully make your life easier.
  • Alt+D: Select text in the current Address bar.
  • Alt+Home: Displays your Home page.
  • Alt+Left Arrow or Backspace: Move back a page (in the browser cache).
  • Alt+Right Arrow: Move forward a page (in the browser cache).
  • Ctrl+B: Organize Favorites.
  • Ctrl+C: Copies selected data to the clipboard.
  • Ctrl+E: Displays the Search bar.
  • Ctrl+Enter: Adds "www." to the beginning and ".com" to the end of the text in the Address bar.
  • Ctrl+F: Displays the Find dialog.
  • Ctrl+H: Displays the History bar.
  • Ctrl+I: Displays the Favorites bar.
  • Ctrl+L or Ctrl+O: Displays the open Web page, document or folder dialog.
  • Ctrl+N: Opens a new browser window.
  • Ctrl+P: Displays the Print dialog to print the active frame or current page.
  • Ctrl+R or F5: Refreshes the current page.
  • Ctrl+S: Saves the page as a file.
  • Ctrl+V: Pastes the data in the clipboard.
  • Ctrl+W: Close the current browser window.
  • Esc: Stops downloading the current page.
  • F1: Displays the Internet Explorer help window.
  • F11: Switches between full-screen and regular view mode of the browser window.
  • F4: Expands the Address bar to display all the recently entered addresses.
  • Shift+F10: Displays the context menu of a link.
  • Shift+Tab: Moves back through the Address bar, Links bar, and the items on the Web page
  • Tab: Moves through the Address bar, Links bar, and the items on the Web page

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