Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Modifying the Send To Menu

The Send To menu is a very useful context menu. This feature gives you the ability to right-click on any file and perform a specific action, such as sending a file to the desktop or another location. You can also send a file to a blank e-mail, so that it can be mailed to a friend. The options are not limitless, but they're pretty extensive.

To access the Send To menu, do the following:
  • From the Run... command (Window+R or Start menu, select Run...) type "%userprofile%\sendto" (i.e.: C:\Documents and Settings\[UserName]\SendTo) and press the Enter key.
From here you can create new folders, shortcuts to applications (such as Notepad), and more. If you create a shortcut to an application, make sure that it can handle those file types you want to send it.

If you ever want to remove some items from the Send To menu, just open up the folder and delete the shortcuts you don't want.

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