Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Free and Open Source Games (Updated)

Tired of spending a fortune on new games, or have an older computer that can't play the most modern game. There are literally hundreds of free and open source games available on the Net. Some of them are crap, but here is list ones that are not.

Open Source Games
  • Trackballs: A marble game inspired by the 80’s Atari classic Marble Madness.
  • BZFlag (Battle Zone capture Flag): A free multi-player multi-platform 3D tank battle game.
  • glTron - Steer a light cycle, leave behind a wall.
  • Airstrike - 2D dogfighting game.
  • Enigma - Control a small black marble and have to find and identical Oxyd stones.
Strategy Games
  • Stratagus - A cross-platform real-time strategy gaming engine.
  • ASC (Advance Strategic Command) - A turn based strategy game.
  • FreeCiv - A clone of the Civilization II multiplayer strategy game.
  • TORCS - Free 3D Racing Car Simulator
  • Hexen2: Hammer of Thyrion - First person shooter game
Here is a list of classic games that are being given away for free from their manufacturer.

Free Classic Games

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